Beth Vojtisek

Beth Vojtisek began traditional violin studies at the age of 9, and in high school she studied with Conny Kiradjieff at the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music. She worked in master class with Eugene Fodor and was the recipient of the Valda Wilkerson String Award. While earning her B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering, she served as Concertmaster of the Purdue Symphony Orchestra. She also holds an M.S. in Engineering from Purdue. She has performed in numerous community orchestras in Ohio and Michigan, and in Cologne, Germany.

Beth became involved with the Suzuki world when her daughter began violin studies 13 years ago. She completed her apprenticeship with Mark Mutter of Books 1-8, as well as the Book 1-4 Overview with Ronda Cole, the Simon Fischer Workshop at Phoenix Phest, and the Bow Development Enrichment class with Cathryn Lee. She is currently teaching at Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music, where she also helped coordinate the Tour Group trip to Finland, Estonia, and Russia. She also enjoys performing chamber music and playing crossover sets with rock musicians, and is leading the development of fiddling workshops for the students of SRO. She is committed to Dr. Suzuki’s concept of “Every Child Can”, and delights that each one does so in such a unique and inspirational way!

SAA Registered Training – Core Units

  • Every Child Can!
  • Suzuki Principles in Action 
  • Violin Unit 1
  • Violin Unit 2
  • Violin Unit 3
  • Violin Unit 4
  • Violin Unit 5
  • Violin Unit 6
  • Violin Unit 7
  • Violin Unit 8

Supplementary Units

  • Violin Overview Units 1-4
  • Bow Development: Violin and Viola
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